PDX Tesla

We are a group of Tesla Motors enthusiasts in the Portland, Oregon, metro area.  Our members are from Portland, southwest Washington and as far south as Gold Beach.  We have a group meeting about once a month to share stories, rumors about Tesla, and meet other enthusiasts.

Looking for our Facebook page?   https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeslaPortland/

Looking to buy a Tesla?

Join our group, and plenty of us on the group will be happy to tell you all about Tesla ownership, or EVs in general.  We can even arrange for private showings or test drives.  Tesla owners love to talk about the automobile of the future.

Already made up your mind to buy your Model S or Model X?  Click this link http://ts.la/andy5638 for free supercharging on your order, and $1000 off (until Oct 31 2017).

Our Next Gathering

Nothing is planned on our calendars yet.  Please send us a suggestion.

Our Most Recent Gathering

In October 2016, we gathered at the Mad Greek Deli in east Portland to enjoy friends and food. 

How do I join?

    • Visit the group here and sign in with your Google account. Then ask to join.
    • Please fill out the survey, so I have an idea why you want to join. 
      • No Google account?  Just fill out the survey, I can add you manually.

Mailing list - Google Groups

We use Google Groups for our discussion: pdxtesla@googlegroups.com 


The survey is a tool to help understand our group, help put people together, and gather your preferences on what we would like to do as a group.  It is completely voluntary, and you have my word that all information on the survey will be kept private to me alone

Road Trip Links
  • Plugshare.com - Find all kinds of charging stations, anywhere.  Choose stations based on comments from other EV drivers.  
  • EV TripPlanner.com     Mainly for Model S, estimates the energy used along your route, with elevation changes

  • Supercharge.info     A crowd-sourced map with up-to-date information on future known supercharger locations, more current than Tesla's published map.

  • RoadTrippers          Find interesting locations along your route

  • AndyM's Model S      In-car links and weather map centered on your location

  • QuickTesla             More In-car nicely organized page

Useful links

  • Tesla Motors Club       The largest forum of Tesla owners
  • Cingeri's Videos          Ben Goodwin's very helpful tutorial videos of the Model S
  • TeslaTap                  Feature suggestions, and some undocumented findings on the Model S
  • TeslaMods                Want a custom web page for your Model S? Start here.
  • Teslaccessories         If you're looking for customization bits for your Model S, here's a good place to start.
  • Go Forth                  Looking for other ways to spread EV messaging? Start here (formerly DriveOregon)!

Local Repair and Customizing Resources

These local merchants are commonly shared by our members as recommended service providers. I add them here if our members talk about their great service.

  • Precision Auto Body & Paint    For (gasp) repairs needed on your Model S.  They are nearly universally recommended by our members, and may be the only shop in the Pac NW trained to work on Tesla
  • WheelKraft NW                     A company who does a really good job repairing the Model S 21" wheels which tend to get curb rash. Tell them Tesla sent you.
  • A-Nu-Vu Glass Repair            John Podpah does a great job of repairing expensive Tesla windshields instead of replacing them.  503-421-5153
  • 503 Motoring                       Another tinting and custom auto shop, also recommended by our members.

Model S Software Updates

Charging networks
Other groups
  • Oregon Electric Vehicle Association        An active group, influencing legislators and doing EV outreach
  • Northwest Tesla Owners Club                [ For Tesla owners and reservation holders only ] on Google Groups. Don't forget Tom Saxon's Blog, too.
  • Tesla Trips                                        Our member, Chase, has a private touring business using Model S
  • World Map of Tesla Model S and X Reservations  Put yourself on the map! Create a login and sign in first, then create an anonymous (or not!) pin on the map describing your reservation.  You can create a pin without signing in, but if you want to change it later, you need to create it after logging in

Model S Performance, Sequoia Green, Black interior, fully-loaded (except the parcel shelf and rear-facing seats).
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